Consulting - Tim Boudreau

Tim Boudreau brings 32 years of experience in software development to bear on your project. He had his first software "startup" in middle-school in 1982 writing in Z-80 assembly language; worked as a senior engineer at Sun Microsystems and later Oracle, and has trained software developers around the world. His work speaks for itself, from his work on NetBeans™, his work architecting and coding a next-generation distributed search platform at Chiliad or a mobile PAAS platform at Kii. His GitHub profile and Ohloh profile showcase his numerous open-source contributions and projects.

Tim knows a variety of programming languages. While primarily hired for work in Java, and Javascript, he both knows more obscure languages and has learned languages for particular customer projects before without impacting time-to-delivery.

Particularly, Tim thrives on architectural challenges, and building mini-frameworks which make the rest of the team more productive. Often customers hire Tim to design an architecture, build out basic functionality rapidly, to make the rest of the team more productive.

What You Can Expect

For examples of code design, see Tim's many projects on GitHub; for examples of modular architecture, see the Imagine project.


Standard rate: $220 USD / hour plus travel and expenses if applicable. A lower rate is available if the work is open-source and practical for others to reuse.

What Others Say About Tim

The following quotes are also accessible via Tim's LinkedIn profile:
Tim is one of the smartest people I've worked with. He takes pride in his job and has a genuine passion for what he does. Besides Tim's technical expertise he's a blast to work with. I really enjoyed working with Tim and hope I get to work on the same team with him in the future.
Radim Kubacki, Google
Tim and I started programming in middle school back in 1980 or so. He's a fantastically productive, creative and imaginative architect/programmer with many, many other skills as well. He has the energy and capacity of 10 people and when there's a debate, he's usually right. You should hire him if you can.
Jonathan Locke, Founder, Apache Wicket
Tim is a very talented software architect and developer. He has a strong knowledge of Linux and UNIX software development, system analysis, and system administration. His high level of knowledge makes it very easy for me to work with him. We speak the same language
Chris DeHahn, Director of IT, Consolidated Health Plans
Tim and I often exchange ideas on frameworks and API development, and we have worked together as contractors on one occasion. He's got a knack for elegant solutions and is as comfortable developing infrastructure for an IDE, to developing a web application in Node, to writing a raytracer as an off-hour fun project. Truly a heavy hitter you can throw anything at.
Eelco Hillenius, Chief Architect, Teachscape
Tim is an expert developer who not only understands the details, but also has a firm grasp on how all the pieces fit together. His books and presentations offer undeniable proof that he's the rare developer with the technical chops and the communication skills to handle anything that comes his way.
Tom Wheeler, Boeing
Tim has a very hard to find talent when it comes to API design considerations which he developed over years developing NetBeans IDE and NetBean Platform...He possesses a passion to learn from software developers who use the product he is developing to understand what he, as an engineer, can do better to help make a software engineer's job easier and more productive. Tim also has that "true art" of developing eye appealing user interfaces that's so hard to find.
Charlie Hunt, Java Performance Engineer, Sun Microsystems