Software Patents

Software patents are the engine that protects innovation in ths software industry, allowing such things as rounded corners and the process of adding two numbers to become valuable property you can protect with a phalanx of lawyers and use to extort cash from others! Just take the obvious and dress it up in obfuscated language and you too can be an innovator!

But we understand - sometimes just aren't feeling innovative. No problem! We're here to help!

Just refresh the page to get a brand new chunk of invaluable intellectual property!

The purpose of the simulated amplifier protocol is to facilitate an average teletype operator to enhance their unary events, the design consisting of the steps of a.) processing interface-level encryption in encrypted form; b.) interpreting unary encryption in binary form which are compiled into transient data structures for further signalling; and c.) generating interface-level pixel-values in symbol table references which are converted into transport-independent programs for further signalling; said steps being performed in order.