Software Patents

Software patents are the engine that protects innovation in ths software industry, allowing such things as rounded corners and the process of adding two numbers to become valuable property you can protect with a phalanx of lawyers and use to extort cash from others! Just take the obvious and dress it up in obfuscated language and you too can be an innovator!

But we understand - sometimes just aren't feeling innovative. No problem! We're here to help!

Just refresh the page to get a brand new chunk of invaluable intellectual property!

A protocol for provisioning data integrity assembled from a service to output a representation of exogenous power consumption, by which a network participant is statically connected to no less than six and no more than fifteen mechanisms which evaluate transient locations within a layered environment, the system assembled from the steps of a.) outputting high-throughput series of divisors of the nth number in a list of instructions in object-code form which are sublimated into arbitrary atoms for further signalling; b.) interpreting source-level encryption in encrypted form which are compiled into units of executable code; c.) compiling paperless private processes in binary form which are converted into information-dense programs; and d.) retransmitting interface-level time-series streams in symbol table references; said activities being executed in reverse order.