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Others say about Tim...

Tim is one of those rare talents who can grok code seemingly at the speed of light. More importantly, he can *explain* code and concepts, as proven by the books and articles that he has published. When we worked together on the NetBeans project, Tim's knowledge, judgment, speed, and laser-like focus led to significant contributions. Gregg Sporar — Product Manager at Planview
Tim is an expert developer who not only understands the details, but also has a firm grasp on how all the pieces fit together. His books and presentations offer undeniable proof that he's the rare developer with the technical chops and the communication skills to handle anything that comes his way. Tom Wheeler — Boeing

Tim Boudreau trains software teams in a variety of topics, most notably, the NetBeans Platform. Trainings can be customized to the specific needs of the customer. He has trained teams at organizations such as NASA, the US Army, MITRE Corporation, Boeing, Serpro and the University of the Philippines.

Customers buy training because there is a need to build a software product. Many customers choose to spend a final post-training day with Tim co-architecting your solution with your project team, so that they can hit the ground running. Whether you choose that option or not, you get a training tailored to your business and your needs.

Contact Tim today to plan a training. Extended consulting and follow-up code reviews are also available.

NetBeans™ Platform Certified Training

The NetBeans Platform is a modular framework for developing desktop applications in Java which is used widely in the defense, energy and aerospace industries. It provides a plugin system including dynamic updates, windowing, actions, presentation and application lifecycle sub-frameworks and more. The NetBeans Platform allows teams to focus on writing the business logic which matters to them, rather than developing all the plumbing of a desktop application.

The NetBeans Platform Certified Training is largely based on trainings Tim Boudreau developed while working at Sun Microsystems, and that is the training which is offered here. Every team he has trained has successfully shipped their NetBeans-Platform-based product (or will soon).

Tim Boudreau is the author of two books about the NetBeans Platform, Rich Client Programming from Prentice Hall, and NetBeans: The Definitive Guide from O'Reilly and Associates, and worked as a senior engineer and other capacities on the NetBeans team at Sun Microsystems for eleven years.

To get teams quickly up to speed, consulting is available as follows:

Course Description Days Rate
NetBeans Quick Start Covers the basics of NetBeans development, API overview and best-practices guidance 1
  • 1-10 students: $1250 per student
  • Organizational rate: $5000 / day up to 15 students
Two Day NetBeans Certified Training Covers development basics and deep-dives on specific commonly-used APIs 2
  • 1-10 students: $1250 per student
  • Organizational rate: $5000 / day up to 15 students
Customized NetBeans Certified Training Covers the material in the 2-day training, with additional training units covering APIs and topics specific to the customer's organization; optionally part of the third day can be spent co-architecting the next steps for the development team and making sure they know what they need to know to be maximally productive going forward. 3
  • 1-10 students: $1250 per student
  • Organizational rate: $5000 / day up to 15 students
To plan a training, or to discuss rates for longer classes or larger groups, get in contact today.

Other Training

Custom training packages are available or can be developed on request, on subjects such as: Contact Tim today for details and a quote.